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UEF tying up with UNICEF is establishing a charity program for newborn premature children and pregnant women. UNICEF which is the United Nations agency responsible for providing aid to children worldwide has started a program called SNCU (Special Newborn Care Units) which aims at preventing infant mortality rate.

Special Newborn care units : On a mission to save precious young lives

SNCU uses the latest and updated technology to provide the best quality care for premature newborn children like artificial wombs, Kangaroo mother care etc. Currently there are 18 SNCU’s in the state out of which the one in Kalmasserry medical college is tagged as the best tin the country. There are around 10 lakh children that are being treated because of issues like premature birth presently; but still nearly 8lakh are pending.

India's Infant mortality at 32 per 1,000 Live Births

Offering a helping hand in this area UNICEF plans to increase the number of SNCUs to 3000 by 2025. In order to prevent the premature birth rate, the organization also initiates a program that provides nutrients and other supplies to pregnant women via Asha workers; which are already implemented in areas like Malappuram, Manjery and Nilambur.

Steps to ensure survival of premature babies - 3000 SNCU' s by 2025

In 2016, Rhishika a premature newborn baby who weighed only 650 grams was recovered using SNCU and today she is a healthy and energetic 6-year-old. Similarly various young lives have been saved through the intervention by SNCU’s. The donations made towards UEF will be also be shared with UNICEF to help this cause which will serve as a hope for many young lives.

Infant Mortality Programs