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UEF in Tamil Nadu

Chief Ministers of Kerala and Tamil Nadu have come together to send across the message of “unity and brotherhood” in times of COVID-19. Despite language and boundaries, Kerala and Tamil Nadu always stay with behalf of the people. During the pandemic, Tamil Nadu has also affected by its attack in every field of human life. In rural areas, people got stuck without proper care and medication during the period. Small scale industries began collapsing, agriculture and farming got severe decline in production and other living ways were in tumult at that period. The education sector was one of the major sector which gone extreme crisis during the pandemic.

Universal Education Foundation broadened its vision to the children outside Kerala. We contributed in the e3ducation sector with the provision of study kits throughout the state. We approached students with study support and presented them study kits including books, bags, and other online education equipment. Many faced the problem of continuing their education, especially the poor. UEF distributed Tabs, Smartphones, Televisions, Study materials, and Bags for these students, helping them learn during online classes. We fulfill educational needs by improving the learning infrastructure of the children of Tamil Nadu. We hope the next level of help with everyone’s support in the future.

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