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Educational Aid

Often many people do not get the chance to develop themselves through education not because of lack of desire or intelligence but due to economic deprivation. One of the most affected victims of the Covid pandemic is children who now have no means of approach to schools due to the covid situation. Even though a lot of children have ways to continue their schooling, again a huge population of underprivileged students finds it difficult to lead a normal student life. They don’t have access to computers or smart phones as now it is the most reliable source of schooling. These children already have had difficult journeys, having fought the shackles of poverty, child labor, and much more to finally reach school. But the pandemic has reversed their years of struggle.

On understanding this, Universal Education Foundation provides the opportunity for deserving children to study by being a helping hand to them. For lakhs of such children, education has come to a halt. They can't afford smart phones, can't count on support of parents for home learning.

Educating someone is equal to gifting the person a future. Social change can become a reality only through educating the less fortunate. UEF tries to reach out with financial assistance to a good number of students, primarily to students up to +2, and in some rare instances to students for higher education also. UEF has extended educational support to more than 2000 children in different parts of the state, under this scheme. UEF provides underprivileged children access to continuous learning. We have distributed study materials, books, smart phones and television to these children in Kerala and outside Kerala.

Despite everything, they have not given up on education, they continue to dream. Join hands with us to help these little dreamers continue their education.

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