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Children have the right to a free, high-quality primary education. Recognizing this right, international leaders declared universal primary education one of the Millennium Development Goals for 2015. In 2004, this objective appeared to be out of reach for many poor countries. Many children who do attend school receive an inadequate education as a result of poorly qualified, underpaid teachers, overcrowded classrooms, and a shortage of basic teaching resources such as textbooks, blackboards, and pens and paper. The Universal Education Foundation addresses these issues by providing a variety of scholarships to students in order to alleviate their financial hardship.

Allied with other educational trusts, our organization funds the selected school and college students according to the terms and conditions of eligibility. One of the main eligibility criteria for achieving these scholarships is students’ academic excellence. School and college students of low-financial status are being helped by our organization such that they can continue their education and contribute to the development of the nation. India, as one of the developing countries, lacks the financial resources to meet its citizens' educational needs. It is true that school fees and other user payments are a heavy burden for some parents to bear. This problem is hence trying to be solved by Universal Education Foundation.

Education plays a vital role in the life of a person. It will educate you and guide you to survive in life and face all the challenges of life. Realizing the value of education, UEF has decided to provide scholarships for financially backward school students of Kerala and other states, helping them to complete their education. We provide scholarships for students from kindergarten to higher studies. These scholarships are provided by UEF to improve the education level in the country.

Let us build an indiscriminate nation together….

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