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Education is fundamental to an equitable society. An excellent education equips children and youth with the knowledge, skills, values, and mind-sets needed to be empowered individuals and responsible citizens. The primary motive of the Universal Education Foundation is to empower India by offering each child proper education aid and financial assistance. Our organization has been occupying a considerable position in many children’s lives due to the timely involvement in their necessities. Our organization associates with many such charitable trusts and offers numerous services for the betterment of the children of India such as educational aids, scholarships, study materials, provision of learning infrastructure, etc.

In recent years, many natural disasters have torn apart children from their families and loved ones, who live in shelter homes or on the streets. The isolation of children created by the death of parents in the disasters turns into lifelong misery in their life as well. Our organization realized this scenario and thus tries to resolve them by supporting the students with food, shelter, education aid, uniform, etc. UEF exists to refine the lives of children who are at risk because orphaned or as an outcome of an unpleasant economic, political, or family environment. So far, UEF has been helping children in several states other than Kerala, including Tamil Nadu and Orissa. Children from all over India will be benefitted from our services. The delegates of our organization from various parts of India join their hand in this initiative hence we are co-ordinately putting an effort to eradicate the children crisis.

Join us to create a living for every child in India with your valuable donations…

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