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Covid 19 Reliefs

The second wave of Corona Virus has brought the world to its knees, resulting in yet another major pandemic emergency. Because of the spread of the Corona Virus, many families are trapped within their homes and hospital wards that are too sick to leave. The Universal Education Foundation (UEF) has pledged to assist families affected by the epidemic by providing study materials, food, and medical services during this difficult time. People from all over the country are pitching in to help, and we're not far behind.

Covid-19 has severely attacked the education sector by turning the children to remain at home. In this context, the entire education process has become online-centered and many children from low-economic backgrounds struggled to continue their classes. Our organization focused on such children with an aim to eradicate the digital divide in Kerala. We presented televisions, tablets, and mobile phones to those who needed them. By associating with government authorities such as MLA s and MPs, our organization distributed numerous materials across Kerala.

Our services during the pandemic are listed as follows.

  • A campaign has started under the title “Oru Kai Sahayam” in which many children got online education equipment
  • Provided study aids for more than 500 children
  • Distributed books, bags, and other study aids as study kits among poor children
  • Provided tablets for online class
  • Provided television for children needy
  • Provided sanitizers, masks, and other health aids for public health centres.
  • Providing Cooked Food & Ration for Needy
  • Providing Masks and medicine
  • Distributed PPE kits and surgical gloves in hospitals

We at Universal Education Foundation responded in time to stand strong by the victims and our healthcare heroes at the start of the pandemic last year when hospitals were in desperate need of protective gear and equipment. The image of patient families wailing and queuing outside hospitals, anxious for immediate medical attention for their loved ones, is seared into our minds. Thousands of people have died as a result of this rising disaster. In response, we began our health mission through UEF to assist essential patients.

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