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Covid 19 Reliefs

At the beginning of the pandemic last year, when hospitals were facing a terrible need for protective gear and equipment, we at Universal Education Foundation had responded in time to stand strong beside the victims and also our healthcare heroes. And we were able to fill the gap helping those who were risking their lives to save ours by distributing face masks, sanitizers, PPE kits, surgical gloves, etc.

Another import part is the students. Many faced the problem of continuing their education, especially the poor. UEF distributed Tabs, Smart phones, Televisions, Study materials and Bags for these students, helping them to pursue their dreams.

The record growth of COVID positive patients and causalities per day with lack of life-saving equipment like oxygen cylinders and concentrators, ventilators and bipaps is crushing our healthcare infrastructure.

The picture of patient families crying and crowding outside hospitals desperate to get urgent medical help for their kith and kin is etched in our memories. Thousands have lost their loved ones to this growing crisis. It was in response to this, we launched our health mission to support the critical patients through UEF.

Infant Mortality Programs