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The vulnerabilities and specific needs many people have in older age can become a serious challenge to survival and wellbeing in a humanitarian crisis. Mobility challenges and other disabilities put older people at greater risk of injury and harm. They are less likely to flee in times of conflict due to hardships associated with travel and a reluctance to leave home, land, and possessions. Injuries too can impact older men and women disproportionately as they take longer to heal due to their age. The failure to provide appropriate, accessible assistance and services for older people represents a violation of the fundamental humanitarian principles of humanity and impartiality. Universal Education Foundation extends its hands towards.

Universal Education Foundation is a charitable organization working specifically to meet the needs, uphold rights and recognize the capacities of older people in humanitarian crises. Our organization recognizes the problems that old citizens face and makes sure their well- being with suitable assistance for food, clothing, and shelter. Our services are available for every old-age person who is suffering from a lack of care and support. We provide attention to the health and security of elders with the provision of food, clothing, medical support etc.

Families often become separated from one another in crises. Older people who are physically unable to flee are left behind. The disruption and breakdown of normal family and community support structures can leave older people isolated. This makes it hard for them to access the services and assistance they need. Furthermore, in conflict and disasters, older people can be more vulnerable to physical, sexual and psychological abuse. Cycles of dependency, discrimination and isolation can put them at risk of ill-treatment at the hands of family members. In the community, older people may become victims of attack as a

result of perceived vulnerability. At UEF, we make sure each individual is secure with money and necessary objects.

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